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Roman Chariot Racing

Probably the fastest most thrilling display of horsemanship you will ever see. Gerard's fully choreographed chariot races, using 2 and 4 horse teams, have been playing to crowds all over Europe for years.

The Charioteers and horses especially are trained to display a no-holds barred philosophy, hard-bitten performers, guaranteed to satisfy the blood lust of even the most demanding Roman Emperor.

Our chariot races are as real as those held in the Coliseum 2000 years ago and just as dangerous, "only our best horsemen take part". It is not uncommon for our chariots to lose wheels and charioteers as they cut each other up on the bends. The horse teams take a lot of controlling as they achieve speeds in excess of 30 m.p.h.

2 slots of 25 mins

Up to 4 chariots racing

Bigae (2 horse) or Quiadrigae (4 horse) teams.

Up to 10 charioteers, gladiators and slaves.

Full commentary and background music.

FILM & TV WORK ยท Up to 30 driving horses

12 chariots (specials to order)

Special 'disintegrating' chariots for stunt work

Period costumes, harness and weaponry.