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Salden, Mursley.

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Film and Television Credits

Hercules 2013
Director: Brett Ratner
Horse master Dan Naprous
Carriages & tacks supplier

Philomena 2013
Director: Stephen Frears
Horse master, carriages & horses supplier

Monuments Men 2013
Director: George Clooney
Horse master, carriages & horses supplier

Channel 4 2013 Racing Adverts
Horse master, horse’s supplier

Exodus 2013
Director: Ridley Scott
Horse master: Daniel Naprous
Carriages & horses supplier

Da Vinci Demon 2013 Season 2
Horse master, carriages & horses supplier

Game of Thrones 2013 Season 4
Horse master: Camilla Naprous
Carriages & horses supplier

Downtown Abbey 2013
Horse master, carriages & horses supplier

Death Comes to Pembeley
2013 TV series

Horse master, carriages & horses supplier

New Worlds 2013
Director: Charles Martin
Horse master, carriages & horses supplier

Far From the Madding Crowd 2013
Director: Thomas Vineberg
Horse master, carriages & horses supplier

Heart of the Sea 2013
Director: Ron Howard
Horse master, carriages & horses supplier

Dracula 2013 TV series
Director: Gary Shore
Horse master, carriages & horses supplier

Vikings 2013 TV series
Horse master, Horses supplier

Atlantis 2013 TV series
Horse master, carriages/horses supplier

US Vogue Photo shoot 2013
Horse master, horse’s supplier

Our Robots Overload 2013
Director: John Wright
Horse master, horse’s supplier

Maleficent 2013
Director: Robert Stromberg
Carriages/carts supplier

Cinderella 2013
Carriage supplier

Mary Queen of Scots 2013
Carriage supplier

Jamaica Inn 2013
Tack & Prop Hire

Palomar Faith Music Video 2013
Horse master

All you need is Kill/Edge of Tomorrow

Director: Doug Liman
Horse master, Liberty horses

Kellogg’s Commercial 2013
Horse master, horse’s supplier

Premier Inn Commercial 2013
Horse master, Race horses

Frankenstein 2013-14
Director: Paul McGuigan
Horse master: Gerard Naprous
Carriages & horses supplier

Dr. Who 2014
Horse master, Gerard Naprous
Carriages & horses supplier

Audi commercial 2012
horsemaster, rouge fims

Belle 2012
Horsemaster and carriages

Dr Who christmas special 2012


Leona Lewis fabulous photoshoot 2012

Games of thrones 2012 HBO 3rd series
Camilla naprous Horsemaster
and carriage supplier

Da Vinci Demons 2012 Starz 1st series


Les Miserables 2012
Horse master, Director Tom Hooper

Merlin V 2012
Carriage , Shine Production

Horse race shoot 2012
Horse master, Bruizer Media

Shakespeare Unlocked,
BBC Shakespeare season trailer 2012
Horsemaster, Director Ben Newman

King of Soho 2012
Director Micheal Winterbottom

Pilgram Cheese Commerical 2012
Horsemaster, carriage hire.
Biscuits Filmworks UK

Dominos Commerical 2012
Horse master, Tantrum Production

Brits Production 2012
Carriage hire for Brits party

Henry IV BBC Production 2012
Horse master, Director Richard Eyre

Henry V BBC productions 2011-2012
Horse master, Director Thea Sharrock

War Horse Premium evening 2012
Horsemaster , horse

World Without End
Carriage hire (Hungary),
Director Michael Caton-Jones

Merlin - 2nd series, block 4 2011
Horsemaster, horse & carriage hire

Photo shoot – Rankin Photography
White horse shoot with John Rankin

Dark Shadow,
Director Tim Burton,
starred Johnny Depp
Horsemaster, horse & carriage hire

The Royal Body Guard BBC Drama
Horsemaster, Horse & carriage hire

Watson & Oliver, BBC Drama
Horsemaster, Horse & carriage hire

Game of Thrones 2011
HBO TV 2nd series
Camilla Naprous – Horsemaster,
Horse & carriage hire

Snow White & The Huntsman 2011
Carriage Hire

Clash of the Titan 2 2011
Carriages hire

US Vogue photo shoot of War Horse 2011
Horsemaster, Photographer David Sims

Vanity Fair Mazagine Photo shoot of
“War Horse” 2011
Horsemaster, Photographer Jason Bell

Partizan Production
Nokia X7 Commerical 2011
Horsemaster, Director Thomas Hilland

HSI Production –
O2 Guru Commercial 2011

HSI Production –
BT Commercial 2011
Carrriage hire

Another Film Company,
Actimel Commerical 2011

Dr Who 2011
Horsemaster, Chariot

The Hour, Kudos Ltd 2011
Horsmaster, police horses

HSI Production –
Music Video with Magnetic Man 2010

Horsemaster, rider

Rowntree Commerical Dec 2010
Horsemaster, carriage

The Raven
Carriages hire to Budapust & Serbia

The Invention Of Hugo Cabret
Stunt, Director Martin Scorses

Woman In Black 2010
Horsemaster, Director James Watkins

The Morgana Show 2010 Channel 4
Horsemaster, location at Wychwood Stud

News of the World Photo shoot
Horsemaster, Directore Ben Gregor

Merlin 2010
Horse & carriage hire,
Director Block 2 David Moore

Behind Closed Doors
Carriage & Horse hire ,
Directore Neil Crombie

BBC Fifty Cities
carriage hire & location
at Wychwood Stud

War Horse, 2010
Daniel Naprous, Horsemaster UK,
Director Stephen Spielberg
Carriage hire, horses & riders

Game of Thrones 2010 HBO TV series
Horse Stunt for Jousting

PSA Films, carriage hire for
TV commercial 2010
7 Period carriages

Photo shoot with Frankie Dettori
for Daily Mail 2010

Photo shoot promotion
with Jodie Kidd for Goodwood 2010
Horsemast er

Photo shoot 2010
Horse master,
photographer Jason Butcher commercial

Smuggler 2010 McDonald commercial

Jane Eyre 2010
Horsemaster & carriage hire,
Director Carey Fuknage

Burke & Hare 2010
Horsemaster & carriage hire,
Director John Landis

Turner Classic Movies 2010
Horsemaster, horse stunt,
Director Ben Campbell

Dr Who 2010
Roman saddle/tack hire

John Carter of Mars 2010
Horsemaster & carriage hire,
Director Andrews Stanton

Photo shoot with Pixie Lott 2010

Bruce Denny Sculpture 2009
photo shoot of black horse for
St. Paul Cathedral’s sculpture

The Kings Speech 2009-2010
Horsemaster, carriage
Director Tom Hooper

Gladiators – National Geographic
Channel 2009
Horsemaster, director Jeremy Turner,
October Films

Ironclad 2009
Horsemaster & carriage hire,
director Jonathan English

Eagle of the Ninth 2009
Horsemaster, director Kelvin McDonald
Constructed 8 hero chariots

Emmerald ITV 2009
Horsemaster Stunt

Cranford BBC 2009
Carriage hire

Emmerdale 2009
Horsemaster, horse stunt

Freeveiw commercial with Katie Price 2009
Horsemaster & riding double

EDF road safety DVD 2009
Horsemaster & rider

Vogue photo shoot with Cate Blanche 2009
Carriage hire

Garrow’s Law
Shed Media Scotland BBC 2009
Stunt Co-ordinator/Horsemaster Director

Promotion Event for
UAFE Championship 2009
Horsemaster Chariots

Veer – Bollywood Film 2009
Horsemaster, Director, Anil Sharma,
Salmon Khan

Hovis Commerical 2009

Barbarian Theatre –
Inferno production 2009

The Four Seasons,
Gate Productions Ltd 2009

Director Giles Foster
Centurion 2009
Horsemaster & Carriages ,
Director Neil Marshall
Nottingham 2009
Carriages hire
Director R Scott
Promotion filming for Land Rover 2009
Horsemaster Tangerine Films
Director Gary Holder
Photo shoot – Asiana Magazine 2009
The O2 commercial – Follow Me 2008
Horsemaste Blink Productions
Director Patrick Daughters
Dorian Gray 2008
Director Oliver Parker
Crooked House 2008
Tiger Aspect Production
Director Damon Thomas
Water’s Rising 2008
Director – Tom Reeve
Horse Shoot Test Commerical 2008

Director Guy Soulsby
Nativity 2008
Donkey Director Debbie Isitt
Rain Horse 2008
BBC films/UK Film Council/Film London

Director Sebastian Godwin
Logo promotion shoot
for Discovery Channel 2008

Director – Molly Milton
Starbust Unicorn Horse commercial

Independent Film
GQ Magazine Fashion Shoot 2008
The Last Princess 2008
Horsemaster, Director Marc Rorby
Rolex commercial 2008
Promotion shoot for ITV
Cambridge & Oxford Boat Race 2008

Horsemaster Photographer Tim Flach
Music Video “L.E.S. Artisle”
with Santogold 2008

Horsemaster Dirctor Nima Nourizadeh
Music Video Better In Time
Leona Lewis 2008

Horsemaster Director Sophie Muller
Easy Virtue 2008
Horsemaster Director Stephan Elliott
My Talks with Dean Spanley 2008
Horsemaster Director Toa Fraser
BBC Bone Kickers 2008
The Duchess 2007
Horsemaster Director Saul Dibb
Made of Honor 2007
Stunt Coordinator/Horsemaster
Director Paul Weiland
Life of John Adam 2007
Horsemaster Director Tom Hooper
BBC Oliver Twist 2007
Horsemaster Director Coky Gledroyc
Goal 3 2007
Horsemaster Director Andy Morahan
BBC Lark Rise To Candleford 2007
Horsemaster Director John Greening
Hogfather 2007
The Other Boleyn Girl 2006
Horsemaster Director Justin Chadwick
Lady Godiva 2006
Horsemaster Director Vicky Jewson
Hogfather 2006
Emmerdale 2006
Dalziel and Pascoe 2006
Stunt coordinator / Horsemaster
Hustle 2006
This Life 2006
Jayne Eyre 2006
Horsemaster Director Suzanna White
Lloyd’s Bank Commercial 2006   
Horsemaster Director Daniel
Houdini 2006
Remake 2005 
Stunt coordinator /
Horsemaster Director Antoine De Caunes
Sharpe’s Challenge 2005 
Horsemaster Director Tom Clegg  
Elizabeth I 2005
Stunt Coordinator /
Horsemaster Director Tom Hooper 
The New World 2005
Stunt coordinator /
Horsemaster UK Director Terrance Malick
Batman Begins 2005
Horsemaster Director Christopher Nolan 
Midsummer Murders 2005
Stunt coordinator /
Horsemaster Director Saran Hellings
Da Vinci Code 2005
Stuntman Director Ron Howard
Blurps 2005
Flyboys 2005
Carriage Hire
Sahara 2005
Horsemaster UK Director Breck Eisner  
Troy 2004  
Harness and Horse Hire
Chuckle vision 2004
Stunt coordinator / Horsemaster 
A Cock and Bull Story 2004
Stunt Coordinator / Horsemaster
Director Michael Winter bottom
The Libertine 2004
Horsemaster Director Laurence Dunmore
De-Lovely 2004
Stunt Coordinator /
Horsemaster Director Irwin Winkler
Tomb Raider II 2003
Horsemaster Director Jan De Bont 
Byron 2003
Horsemaster Director Julian Farino
Die Another Day 2003
Stuntman Director Lee Tamahori
Keen Eddie 2003
Horsemaster Director J.H Wyman
28 Days Later 2002
Horsemaster Director Danny Boyle
Nicolas Nickelby 2002
Horsemaster Director Douglas Mc Grath  
George and the Dragon 2002 
Stunt Coordinator /
Horsemaster Director Tom Reeve
Foysyte Saga 2002
Horsemaster Director David Moore
Four Feathers 2001
Stunt Coordinator /
Horsemaster UK Director Shekpur kapur
Phoenix Nights 2001
Stunt Coordinator /
Horsemaster Director Peter Kay
Just Visiting 2000
Horsemaster Director Jean-Marie Poire   
Proof of Life 2000
Stuntman Director Taylor Hackford
Alice in Wonderland 1999
Horsemaster Director Nick Willings
Merlin 1998
Horsemaster Director Steve Barron
The Life’s and Crimes of William Palmer 1998
Horsemaster Director Alan Dosser
The Tichbourne Claimant 1998
Horsemaster Director David Yates
A Passion in the Dessert 1997 
Horsemaster Director Lavina Currier 
Odyssey 1997
Horsemaster Director Andrei Konlalovsky
True Tilda 1997
Horsemaster Director Ross Devenish
Sharpe V 1997
Stunt coordinator / Horsemaster Director Tom Clegg
Rob Roy 1995
Stuntman Director Micheal-Caton Jones 
First Knight 1995
Stuntman Director Jerry Zucker
Cutthroat Island 1995
Stuntman Director Renny Harlin 
Braveheart 1995
Stuntman Director Mel Gibson
Black Beauty 1994
Horse Wrangler Director Caroline Thompson
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves 1991
Stuntman Director Kevin Reynolds
Willow 1988
Horse Wrangler / Stuntman Director Ron Howard 
Red dwarf 1988
Stunt Coordinator / Horsemaster Director Rob Grant
Letter to Unknown Lover 1986
Stuntman Director Peter Duffell 
Highlander 1986
Horsemaster Director Russell Mulcahy
Boon 1985
Stunt coordinator / Stuntman Director Jim Hill
Spies Like Us 1985
Stuntman Director John Landis
The Bride 1984
Horsemaster Director Franc Roddam
The Sword Of Valiant 1984
Stunt coordinator / Horsemaster Director Stephen Weeks
Krull 1983
Horsemaster Director Peter Yates COMMERCIALS 
Loyds Bank
Stunt Coordinator / Horsemaster
Tia Maria
“AXA” Lynx